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I have a strong and loving heart but I’ve long struggled with forgiveness for certain people. Specifically, those that did serious damage over and over and never showed any remorse.

There are three people (two of whom have passed) that I was unable to forgive for years.

The aphorisms about…

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Recently I’ve been trying to curb my habit of giving unsolicited advice. I only do it when something is presented as an issue (versus just telling a contented person they’re doing life wrong). Still, it’s not helpful and I’m actively trying to quit.

As part of this endeavor, I listened…

View of Medellin, Colombia with the mountains in the distance / Photo by author

Every January (in non-COVID times), I spend the month living in a different country. Being there for an extended period means I can travel, sightsee and experience daily life while still completing my freelance work.

You can find digital nomads everywhere, but they tend to congregate where the quality of…

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People hate New Year’s Resolutions because they inevitably break them, so they feel like a failure. There’s a simple reason for that — they set the wrong resolutions.

If your resolution is vague and exceedingly difficult (like “lose weight” or “give up coffee”), it’s not going to work.

You didn’t…

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Christmas with my family was fully planned. Who was hosting, who was bringing what, the works.

Omicron made short work of all that. In two whirlwind weeks, the strain has become dominant in my large city. Once again, we see restrictions on indoor gatherings.

For the second year, no extended…


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